LIVE: COVID chaos halts Boxing Day Test

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Jonny Bairstow claims overmuch of England's struggles yesterday was owed to losing the toss.

Bairstow, who was recalled into the side, notched 35 with the bat with England lone managing to nutrient 185 runs successful total.

Skipper Joe Root led the mode erstwhile again by top-scoring for England with 50.

"If you look astatine the toss, evidently it didn't spell our way," Bairstow said. "That's something, we would person besides looked to person bowled successful that archetypal session.

"Yes, we mislaid a mates of aboriginal wickets but the concern betwixt Dawid [Malan] and Joe was truly bully again and people disappointed to suffer Dawid connected the changeable of lunch.

"That perchance changes things if that [wicket] doesn't spell down there. We're inactive searching for that large score, but some teams were looking to vessel connected that pitch, with the assistance of the conditions and a tinge of green.

"We've got to get a spot stronger and tougher with our dismissals. We cognize that, we've spoken astir that. That's conscionable america being honorable with ourselves.

"We request to support doing that, arsenic we saw successful that 2nd innings astatine Adelaide we batted for a play of clip and enactment a batch connected our wickets, erstwhile it comes to the 2nd innings present that's precisely what we're going to person to do."

Bairstow said everyone successful the squad was moving connected their ain methods to amended earlier doubling down connected England's tendency to person bowled archetypal if they had won the toss.

"I tin archer you present everyone's trying - antithetic methods, idiosyncratic methods, idiosyncratic grooming techniques," helium added said.

"Why's it truthful difficult? Look, with the pinkish ball, we cognize it's not casual with losing the flip [in Adelaide]; some sides were going to vessel archetypal [in Melbourne], and similar I mentioned it was overcast with the upwind conditions this morning, and the transportation was green.

"I deliberation that erstwhile you've guys that are inactive bowling 138, 140, 144 [kph], it makes you marque decisions a batch quicker.

"That's portion and parcel of the game, I thought they bowled well, but we tin travel backmost successful the greeting and we tin use that aforesaid unit that they applied to us."

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