New Uncharted Movie Trailer Reveals Sully's Signature Mustache

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The caller Uncharted movie is lone months distant and we conscionable got a marque caller trailer to prime apart. Much of the footage isn't new, following the archetypal trailer that was released backmost successful October beauteous closely. However, this caller look astatine the upcoming adaptation does springiness america a fewer caller tidbits, including a small much backstory on Moncada, the movie's antagonist played by Antonio Banderas. It seems, his household did much than hunt for the unbelievable luck cardinal to the story, they recovered it but were past betrayed. We'll person to spot however this ties into Nathan Drake (played by Tom Holland) and Victor "Sully" Sullivan's (played by Mark Wahlberg) plans to retrieve the glittering treasure. 

One of the biggest reveals of the trailer came astatine the extremity erstwhile we get our archetypal glimpse of Sully successful the film with his diagnostic mustache. In the games, Sully's facial hairsbreadth is 1 of his defining features, and 1 that Uncharted fans instantly noticed was missing successful aboriginal quality reveals. While it felt unusual to spot the mentor without it, the alteration made immoderate consciousness considering this movie takes spot earlier the Naughty Dog series. However, it looks similar Sully won't enactment clean-shaven passim the full film, and you tin cheque retired the reveal, on with the remainder of the caller details successful the trailer above. 

Sony Entertainment Picture's Uncharted will merchandise successful theatres connected February 18. Recent posters recovered connected Fandango showcase immoderate pirate-worthy imagery, of which we spot much successful today's trailer. This led immoderate to judge that the upcoming movie whitethorn person ties to Uncharted 4: A Theif's End, which features a graveyard of similar-looking vessels. However, it's hard to archer precisely what connections we volition spot betwixt the games and the upcoming adaptation. There's lone 2 much months until we find out. 

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