PS5 Abandoned Game Speculation Continues When Another Tie To Konami Was Spotted

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BlueBox Game Studios can't look to flight the rumors that the PS5 crippled Abandoned is really a Silent Hill escapade successful disguise. There person been galore theories astir what Abandoned would be, but 1 of the astir prevalent rumors links it backmost to being a Silent Hill task that Hideo Kojima is keeping hidden. Studio caput Hasan Kahraman has plainly stated successful the past that Abandoned is its ain game, successful nary mode related to Kojima, Konami, oregon Silent Hill. However, that wasn't capable to assuage instrumentality theories due to the fact that an further Konami nexus has been discovered, kicking the proverbial hornet nest erstwhile more. 

Kahraman precocious appeared connected a podcast to beforehand the mysterious PlayStation 5 game. As with thing Abandoned-related, the net instantly assumed a sleuth presumption and recovered retired that the podcast called Al Hub is really sponsored by Konami. When Al Hub tweeted out its interrogation with Kahraman, intrigued enigma lovers got to work. In the archetypal findings, the podcast shared that Konami was sponsoring the interview, past it was taken down and replaced with Bloober Team (a workplace besides rumored to beryllium moving connected Silent Hill). The 3rd clip was the charm due to the fact that a 3rd edit reposted Konami arsenic a sponsor alongside Bloober. 

Though Kahraman has constituent blank denied that Abandoned is related to Kojima oregon Konami, a caller teaser from conscionable this week seems to contradict that directly. At slightest if you work into the remark section. BlueBox tweeted a caller representation for Abandoned with a blurred inheritance of an older antheral with an eyepatch, not dissimilar successful a definite Metal Gear series, with blurred substance successful the inheritance that galore judge reads "Welcome to Silent Hill." If you missed it, you could drawback up connected the latest puzzle portion with our erstwhile sum here

Abandoned is surely 1 of the top mysteries successful gaming close now, but this full concern does bring up a concern. Abandoned seems to beryllium promising a batch with specified a tiny squad and a squad that we don't truly person immoderate past with for comparison. Where my interest comes in is that the speculation-driven hype surrounding the elusive PS5 crippled volition spot deep-rooted expectations connected what Abandoned adjacent is, and these expectations volition apt be impossible to scope due to the fact that the precise acquisition itself isn't what radical are assuming. It volition beryllium absorbing to spot what the roadworthy to motorboat looks like, particularly if the past period is immoderate indicator. 

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