Rural Republicans Destroy Themselves By Opposing Expanded Child Tax Credit

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A caller survey reveals that agrarian reddish states would payment astir from extending the kid taxation recognition done 2025, but Republicans reason it.

A survey of extending the expanded kid taxation recognition by the Niskanen Center found:

  • Across the adjacent 12 months, we estimation that the CTC enlargement volition boost user spending by $27 billion, make $1.9 cardinal successful revenues from authorities and section income taxes, and enactment implicit 500,000 1000 afloat clip jobs astatine the median wage.

  • More populous states will, by nature, spot a larger full payment from the CTC expansion. However, successful comparative terms, the CTC enlargement provides larger benefits to states with little mean incomes and larger mean household sizes, helping enactment entree to community-based kid care.

In particular, agrarian regions basal to payment from a important injection of comparative purchasing powerfulness equivalent to 1.35% of non-metro GDP.

9 Of The States That Would Benefit The Most Are Red States

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post wrote a large portion astir however Republicans are scamming agrarian voters.

He besides tweeted retired the database of the 10 states that would payment astir from the kid taxation recognition plan. Nine of them are Republican:

Here are the 10 states that would spot the biggest nett benefits from the expanded kid taxation recognition arsenic a percent of their GDP.

Nine are reddish states:

West Virginia
New Mexico

— Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) August 2, 2021

Rural Republicans Choose Economic Destruction Over Supporting A Democratic Policy

Rural Republican voters volition ne'er ballot successful their economical self-interest. Many liberals and progressives, astir precocious Bernie Sanders arsenic a statesmanlike candidate, believed the fallacy that they could get the enactment of agrarian voters who ballot Republicans if they could lone get them to recognize the benefits of their policies.

It volition ne'er hap due to the fact that their enactment has sold agrarian Republicans a civilization war. It is the godless cities versus the beauteous American countryside that lives the mode God and the Founding Fathers intended.

Rural America is economically destroying itself by warring a mythical urban/rural civilization war, truthful erstwhile Democrats suggest a argumentation that would assistance them, agrarian Republicans accidental no.

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