Smartphone shipments jump by 13% as market returns toward sustained growth

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Worldwide smartphone shipments deed 313.2 cardinal units successful the 2nd 4th of 2021, somewhat surpassing IDC's forecast.

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The planetary smartphone marketplace appears headed backmost toward a play of sustained growth, according to the latest study from probe steadfast IDC. Looking astatine the 2nd quarter, IDC's preliminary information pegged smartphone shipments astatine 313.2 cardinal for a maturation complaint of 13.2% from a twelvemonth ago, somewhat beating the firm's projection of 12.5%.

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Every portion astir the satellite kicked successful higher shipments for the 4th with the objection of China, which saw a 10% driblet owed to a deficiency of caller flagship products, a downturn successful demand, and the continued diminution of smartphone shaper Huawei. Overall though, the planetary smartphone marketplace has evaded the proviso constraints that person wounded different industries, helping it amended conscionable dense user demand.

"The pandemic is acold from over, yet consumers astir the satellite proceed to amusement the request for mobile devices and a willingness to walk successful these categories," Ryan Reith, programme vice president with IDC's Mobile and Consumer Device Trackers, said successful a property release. "Shipments of 5G devices are connected the rise, particularly arsenic terms points spell down, but we proceed to judge that consumers are not yet buying specifically for 5G. They are buying due to the fact that they request a replacement device, and successful immoderate cases a first-time smartphone."


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Though Huawei saw its fortunes proceed to fall, China's different large vendors much than picked up the slack. With shipments of 53 cardinal past 4th and a maturation complaint of 86.6%, Xiaomi carved retired a 16.9% portion of the market, helping it drawback 2nd spot from Apple.

In 3rd place, Apple inactive saw a summation of 17.8% based connected shipments of 44.2 million, giving it a 14.1% stock of the market. Chinese vendor OPPO came successful 4th spot with shipments of 32.8 cardinal and a 10.5% share, followed by Vivo with 31.6 cardinal successful shipments and a 10.1% chunk of the market.

"Globally, each Chinese brands are increasing rapidly, with Xiaomi hitting grounds measurement this quarter," Nabila Popal, probe manager with IDC's Mobile and Consumer Device Trackers, said successful the property release. "Another rising prima is realme, which saw the fastest year-over-year maturation among the apical 10 astatine 149% and much than 3 quarters of its measurement coming from extracurricular China. As each these Chinese brands summation their absorption successful regions similar Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa, the contention volition lone get much aggravated for the likes of Samsung and different players successful those markets."

Further, Huawei's diminution and LG's exit from the smartphone arena permission a marketplace up for grabs. In China and the U.S., wherever Huawei and LG had seen steadfast demand, antithetic companies basal to prime up that other marketplace share. In the U.S., Motorola, TCL, and OnePlus saw higher maturation than successful anterior years owed to LG's departure. And successful China, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and Apple proceed to summation customers owed to Huawei's decline.

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