Sonic Colors: Ultimate – New Gameplay Today (4K)

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The Blue Blur seems to beryllium relishing the spotlight these days. From a successful debut connected the metallic screen to a fashionable instrumentality to the world of 2D platforming, Sega's iconic mascot has been thriving implicit the past fewer years, and 2021 seems to beryllium continuing that trend.

While the Japanese steadfast has promised immoderate breathtaking entries successful the bid implicit the adjacent fewer years, gamers don't person agelong to hold to revisit a fan-favorite successful Sonic Colors: Ultimate. The remaster is acceptable to bring an exciting Sonic escapade from the confines of the Wii to a modern property of consoles erstwhile Colors: Ultimate launches connected September 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. By wherefore hold that agelong to revisit the game?

On this caller occurrence of New Gameplay Today, 1 of Sonic's biggest fans, the 1 and lone Brian Shea, is present with Alex Stadnik to sermon each the game's updates and his clip really getting to play the remaster. We're taking a look astatine the Tropical Resort level, the game's customization options, and truthful overmuch more! On apical of that, each of today's blistery caller gameplay volition beryllium shown successful glowing 4k.

Want much Sonic? Be definite to ticker our earlier occurrence of New Gameplay Today, wherever we springiness you an exclusive look astatine 1 of the game's updated levels. Brian Shea is the acquisition that keeps connected giving and besides wrote up a fantastic preview of his clip with Sonic Colors: Ultimate that shouldn't beryllium missed if you're excited to dive backmost into the game.

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