Things to check while renting a Guest House / PG

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Paying Guests or Guest Houses are in demand these days; with students from throughout moving out of their residence for faculties or human beings transferring out for special functions. Whatever the purpose maybe, a PG is a top notch alternative in case you need to store cash while residing away from home. Although it is an high-quality option, there are sure belongings you have to check out earlier than settling in a visitor residence.

Well, don’t worry, we got you protected. Here’s a list of things you should test out whilst seeking out a PG. Reap maximum blessings at minimal attempt with the aid of checking a majority of these points. 

Shared Bathroom

While scouting a Bestech Group PG for rent test if the visitor house has a shared toilet and how many bathrooms are available. Checking for shared lavatories is a must in PGs to devise your recurring and time early inside the morning.

Basic Amenities

Check for basic to be had facilities together with: not unusual TV, Washing machines, and many others. Ensure that a PG incorporates all the primary services which you require to your everyday lifestyles.


Availability of fixtures is vital in a PG as every body living in a visitor house will require a mattress and a cabinet as a minimum. Check for suitable and additional furniture even as renting a Bestech Plots Sector 89A Guest House. 


Security is one of the number one factors to look at whilst deciding on a PG. Look for a PG in right localities and test out the location surrounding your PG to make sure that you are residing in a comfortable area. You can check out Guest House in Gurgaon for rent as maximum Guest Houses on this location offer proper security.

Transport services

Transport is vital for commuting and travel, consequently, it is crucial that you make sure that the PG you go for has sufficient delivery carrier alternatives. This is to make certain that you can trip easily if and whilst vital to be able to tour.


Guest Houses and PGs generally have rules and rules mounted for both the tenant and the location owner. Before finalizing a PG ensure which you realize all the policies that the Guest House has, so it is less complicated so that you can follow them and also with a view to decide if you can follow those guidelines or now not.

Food/ Kitchen provider

Food is another vital aspect while finalizing a PG as you do not have get right of entry to to a personal kitchen in a PG. Most Bestech Altura Gurgaon Guest homes have a kitchen service to be had for their visitors. Make positive that you ask the residence/ region owner approximately: the timings while the meals is served, what sort of food is normally cooked and while the kitchen is obtainable, if it is available to the tenants. 


PGs commonly additionally have curfews, so it is important for a tenant to be aware about the curfew timings to maintain the decorum of the Guest House and no longer purpose any issues to other tenants. Make positive to investigate about the curfew timings in a PG before renting the vicinity.

PG settlement

When finalizing and signing a PG settlement, the subletter usually takes three to 6 months of lease as improve. This is to make sure that the subletter does no longer want to look for new tenants within the middle of their term.

While finalizing your agreement make certain you make clear these state of affairs if the need arises:

  • If you need to leave the PG mid time period, will you get the deposit again?
  • When the term is completed, will you take delivery of the full deposit lower back or will there be a few deductions?
  • Incase of damages, how will the quantity be calculated and the way will or not it's paid?
  • Here is a list of fundamental renovation services that a remodelling organization or a maintenance contractor gives:
  • Kitchen paintings (modular kitchen installation).
  • Wood Work (updating existing and adding new)
  • Creating a fake ceiling or operating on the existing one.
  • Wall texturing and painting.
  • Changing flooring.
  • Light panelling, converting, installation, and so on.

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