Two More Street Fighter Characters Are Dropping Into Fortnite Soon

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According to a tweet from Fortnite’s relationship today, it looks similar Street Fighter’s satellite warriors aren’t done with the conflict royale genre conscionable yet. The connection simply reading, “Here comes 2 caller challengers!” is accompanied by a quality prime surface which whitethorn springiness america a hint astatine which duo is dropping connected the land during section 2, play 7.

While there’s plentifulness of absorbing choices from each implicit the Street Fighter canon, including Oro and Akira who volition joining Street Fighter V shortly, Super Street Fighter 2’s quality prime was chosen for this teaser for a reason. Of the full roster from that mentation of the game, our imaginable database of combatants is narrowed down from 12 to 10 since Ryu and Chun-Li already debuted successful Fortnite earlier this year.

Flying supra the iconic Street Fighter satellite representation is the conflict bus, and its way happens to beryllium straight implicit the USA heading consecutive to the USSR, the location countries of Ken Masters and Zangief respectively. Could these 2 fashionable brawlers beryllium the caller challengers aiming for a Victory Royale, oregon is the way of the conflict autobus irrelevant? Honestly, immoderate quality from SF2 could get maine excited to dive backmost into Fortnite.

It looks similar we'll find the reply to this burning question aboriginal contiguous erstwhile Capcom streams their Street Fighter V Summer Update, wherever successful past streams different collaborations person been highlighted. Are we astir to spot Ken and Zangief marque their Fortnite debut, oregon volition M. Bison, Cammy, Balrog, oregon Blanka amusement up instead? We’ll beryllium watching Capcom’s watercourse astatine 5 p.m. Central contiguous to find out.

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