Ubisoft Employees Say CEO Yves Guillemot "Sidelined" Demands In Activision Blizzard Open Letter

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Earlier this week, implicit 1 1000 Ubisoft employees, some existent and former, penned an unfastened missive to executives, including CEO Yves Guillemot, demanding alteration successful narration to workplace maltreatment allegations. The unfastened missive was besides drawn up successful enactment of the Activision Blizzard walkout that occurred earlier this week successful protestation of a akin contented aft details of an ongoing suit against the institution were made public. Now, the radical down the missive says that contempt nationalist statements being made by leadership, the reported behaviour down the scenes does not lucifer what is being said connected the surface. 

Following the unfastened missive to leadership, Guillemot responded with an interior email to each Ubisoft staff. Game Informer was capable to corroborate the contents of the letter, archetypal shared by Axios' Stephen Totilo. The astir caller email, overmuch similar erstwhile statements against the allegations of intersexual misconduct and workplace abuse, claims to beryllium moving towards making Ubisoft a amended situation to beryllium successful and has "made important advancement implicit the year." It besides talked astir however meaningful alteration takes time, but erstwhile reports earlier this Summer allege that thing has been done prevention the archetypal question of nationalist firings of high-level executives and 1 subordinate of HR. 

The archetypal email from Guillemot besides included plans to proceed investigating the matters astatine manus successful Q3 and volition stock an "HR roadmap" during that time. Shortly aft the interior email went public, the radical that organized the archetypal unfastened missive told GameIndustry.biz that the demands of the archetypal correspondence were "sidelined" and that lone "a few" points successful their expressed memo were adjacent addressed. "We are alert that the institution has made immoderate improvements, and we are blessed to perceive that Yves and the enactment squad hold that it is not enough," a Ubisoft worker told the tract successful narration to the letter. "However, Ubisoft continues to support and beforehand known offenders and their allies. We spot absorption continuing to debar this issue. It is besides worthy clarifying that an invitation to scope retired to institution absorption personally is not the aforesaid arsenic having a corporate spot astatine the table."

It was said that the radical hopes that the remainder of the demands and points made are addressed successful a "full response," calling for an industry-wide effort to combat what is becoming an evident wide issue. This radical reiterated the intent of seeing "real, cardinal change" not lone astatine Ubisoft but everyplace successful the gaming industry. For this to happen, honorable conversations request to beryllium had, and enactment not progressive successful the alleged favoritism and misconduct needs to measurement up and swiftly enactment to close these interior issues. This includes toxic workplace civilization that is elaborate successful the "cubicle crawls" detailed successful the Activision Blizzard lawsuit, it includes wage favoritism based connected gender. The details alleged successful the suit amusement a reported summation successful negligence and harmful behaviour against women of color, successful particular.

The connection from the Ubisoft radical pushing for alteration ended, saying: "It's exhausting, frustrating, and it counters the messaging they springiness us. We cannot beryllium blessed oregon satisfied with this hypocrisy. For the 1 idiosyncratic who signed, determination are countless others who simply were excessively terrified. Do amended oregon support losing bully people."

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