'Wheel of Fortune' contestant will still get a new car after she lost out on a technicality

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Pat Sajak revealed the prize a "Wheel of Fortune" contestant missed retired  connected  -- a caller   Audi Q3 -- due to the fact that they paused for a fewer  seconds during their answer.

(CNN)After a "Wheel of Fortune" contestant mislaid retired connected a caller Audi owed to a technicality -- adjacent though she answered the puzzle correctly -- the car institution said it would acquisition her the conveyance instead.

Within a fewer days of her quality connected the long-running crippled show, Audi located rival Charlene Rubush and said it would springiness her the aforesaid exemplary of car she'd been denied connected the show.

In a caller holiday occurrence of "Wheel of Fortune," Rubush had made it to the bonus circular with conscionable 10 seconds to capable successful the missing letters of a puzzle, themed "What are you doing?" After archetypal guessing, "Choosing the close card," she tried again -- "Choosing the close ... word!"

    Rubush answered correctly, but she paused for a fewer seconds betwixt "right" and "word."

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      "You know, this one's pugnacious due to the fact that you said each the close words, including the connection 'word,' but arsenic you know, it's gotta beryllium much oregon little continuous," big Pat Sajak told Rubush, a hint of disappointment successful his voice. "We'll let for a small pause, but not 4 oregon 5 seconds.

      "I'm sorry," helium continued. "You did a bully occupation of getting it, but we can't springiness you the prize, and it was the Audi."

      Rubush did extremity her stint connected the amusement with $16,500 successful winnings -- conscionable nary Audi Q3, a luxury SUV that starts astatine $35,900.

      A clip of the infinitesimal Rubush mislaid retired connected the Audi due to a technicality was shared wide connected Twitter, including by erstwhile "Jeopardy" victor Alex Jacob.

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      "Come connected @WheelofFortune, the pistillate virtually chose the close word," helium tweeted. "Give her the car."

      His plea and those of different "Wheel of Fortune" viewers gained traction, and Jacob shared that he'd messaged Audi to inquire for their help. Several hours later, Audi tweeted that Rubush was "a victor successful our eyes" and would grant her the Q3.

      Tara Rush, Audi of America Chief Marketing Officer, said the institution was "thrilled to acquisition Charlene" successful a connection to CNN.

      "It is the play of giving aft each and, technicality oregon not, we are ever anxious to stock a spot of Audi magic and cheer!" Rush said successful the statement.

        "Wheel of Fortune" did not instantly responded to CNN's requests for comment.

        The hubbub implicit Rubush's nonaccomplishment is astatine slightest the 2nd clip this twelvemonth "Wheel of Fortune" would-be winners' chances were tanked by a technicality. In April, a contestant utilized the connection "and" in his last reply contempt answering the puzzle correctly. Suffice to say, fans were precise unhappy -- but that contestant was not aboriginal awarded a car for his troubles.

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