Where to find the best-paying cybersecurity jobs

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New investigation includes wage data, outgo of surviving and however casual it is to find a occupation and identifies cities with the champion wage and the astir unfastened positions.


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Washington, D.C., Singapore and Berlin are the champion places for cybersecurity professionals to find a well-paid job, according to a new investigation from TechShielder

The investigation measures occupation availability, the mean wage and the outgo of surviving and combines the 3 factors to make an wide score. Singapore has the astir unfastened positions but besides the highest outgo of surviving and an mean wage of $77,491. Luxembourg offers the highest mean wage astatine $154,445 per twelvemonth but the metropolis scores debased connected unfastened positions. Cybersecurity jobs successful D.C. wage good astatine $117,998 per twelvemonth and determination are tons of positions available, but the outgo of surviving is high, 2nd lone to Singapore.Here is what the apical 10 database looks similar with the metropolis and its wide score:

  1. Washington, D.C. US:           17.58
  2. Singapore, Singapore:          16.44
  3. Berlin, Germany:                   15.41
  4. Luxembourg, Luxembourg:   14.99
  5. Brussels, Belgium:                 14.77
  6. Ottawa, Canada:                    14.29
  7. Vienna, Austria:                      14.23
  8. London, England:                   14.20
  9. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:             13.63
  10. Tokyo, Japan:                         13:59

Lasse Walstad, co-founder astatine TechShielder, said successful a property merchandise that the cities successful the database correspond the champion vocation opportunities for cybersecurity professionals.

As Dallon Adams reported for TechRepublic, companies are getting creative successful the contention to prosecute radical with cybersecurity skills. This includes flexible enactment arrangements, signing bonuses and different carrots.  Mark Adams, main information serviceman astatine Adobe, said recruiting information endowment from nontraditional backgrounds is simply a important inclination successful the industry. This could see looking for interior candidates who are funny successful cybersecurity arsenic well. 

SEE: Chinese menace actors person been compromising telecom networks for years, probe finds​ (TechRepublic)

Kevin Hanes, the CEO astatine Cybrary, said companies request to get amended astatine uncovering radical with the close fundamentals, thrust and curiosity and past investing successful these employees. According to the article, helium doesn't deliberation that retraining radical motivates them to leave.

"Well-supported employees are much apt to enactment arsenic agelong arsenic they are seeing worth successful your organization," helium said. "The greater hazard is having radical and not grooming them nor providing them with improvement opportunities and a wide way astatine the organization."

Remote options for cyber information professionals

TechShielder besides looked astatine the countries with the astir cybersecurity jobs advertised arsenic remote. Here is what that database looks like:

  1. Brazil
  2. Columbia
  3. Portugal
  4. Spain
  5. Italy
  6. Canada
  7. U.S.
  8. Philippines
  9. Switzerland
  10. Ireland

The full fig of distant jobs is inactive comparatively small, with 22% of each cybersecurity jobs successful Brazil listed arsenic remote. That fig drops to 7% successful Ireland.

Job availability was measured by counting the full fig of cybersecurity positions disposable connected Indeed and Glassdoor and assigning each metropolis a score. The investigation besides identified the astir in-demand skills, which see web analysis, menace assessment, compliance and unreality skills. 

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