Wreckfest Collides With Carmageddon In New Crossover Tournament

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Wreckfest gets a escaped update contiguous that’s fueled by nostalgia for the car combat games of old. In this case, Carmageddon is making a expansive comeback successful the signifier of a caller tourney themed aft the cult favourite series.

It’s a fitting marriage. Both franchises are each astir smashing opponents to bits successful convulsive high-speed races (although 1 has importantly much cows involved). The month-long Carmageddon Tournament kicks disconnected contiguous and features 2 large events alongside a brace of caller tracks. 

Carnage Accumulator takes spot successful Carmageddon’s Bleak City map. This free-roaming mode challenges racers to mow down zombies and destruct AI racers to rack up the highest people imaginable with a three-minute clip limit. 

Death Race is simply a play lawsuit acceptable successful either Bleak City oregon Devil's Canyon, different classical Carmageddon track. The nonsubjective is simple: contention done assorted checkpoints utilizing Carmageddon: Max Damage’s Eagle R conveyance and origin arsenic overmuch wanton demolition arsenic imaginable on the way. Players besides person the Eagle R arsenic a escaped reward conscionable for playing.

Perhaps the coolest constituent of the tourney is the incorporation of Carmageddon’s flat, pixelated assets with Wreckfest’s 3D satellite (which looks adjacent sharper connected new-gen hardware, by the way). While it’s not the astir important update successful the world, it’s a amusive thought that allows THQ Nordic to flex Carmageddon in a meaningful mode since it acquired the IP successful 2018. Could this beryllium a tiny measurement successful a larger instrumentality for the series? There’s ever a chance, particularly since Wreckfest, on with titles similar Destruction AllStars and Onrush, person helped carve retired a caller niche for much destruction-focused racing games. 

Wreckfest is disposable connected PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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