Aussie speaks out after 'heroic' Olympic finish

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Australian region runner Patrick Tiernan says helium doesn't spot himself arsenic a leader for his courageous decorativeness successful the 10,000m last but is "glad it struck a chord with a fewer people".

In a cinematic decorativeness that has made quality astir the world, a distressed Tiernan provoked overmuch emotion erstwhile helium collapsed doubly connected the last lap, yet inactive managed to get up and decorativeness the race.


Tiernan, was close successful the premix for overmuch of the proceedings though battled arsenic the large guns made their determination down the backmost end, struggling to support up with the pace.

The Australian was worn down by the humid Tokyo conditions and his dense autumn successful the last consecutive of the 25th thigh was brutal to watch. Yet somehow, helium inactive managed to resistance himself implicit the finishing line.

Patrick Tiernan of Australia crosses the decorativeness line. (Getty)

"It's not the benignant of publicity I privation and I was hoping I'd beryllium getting aft this race," helium said.

"It doesn't consciousness thing heroic to me.

"I conscionable fell a small abbreviated of wherever I wanted to beryllium and haven't had a accidental to process immoderate of that.

"I'll decompress implicit the adjacent mates of days but I'm gladsome it's struck a chord with a fewer people."

Officials helped Tiernan into a wheelchair successful the aftermath arsenic the Aussie shook his caput successful disbelief. He was fixed the each wide pursuing aesculapian attention.

"It's the Olympics and I've been waiting for 5 years for it," helium added.

"It was astir 180 to spell that I collapsed the archetypal time. You don't halt erstwhile you've got 180m to go.

Patrick Tiernan (right) received wide praise from sports fans astir the world. (Getty)

"I didn't deliberation I was wholly done astatine that point, truthful I got up.

"It happened again and I knew I was successful trouble. I was truthful adjacent that you person to volition yourself crossed the enactment and decorativeness that race.

"I knew it was thing I could bash and besides needed to do."

The 26-year-old Queenslander, the 10,000m nationalist grounds holder, said portion his assemblage broke down during the race, helium can't responsibility his mentation which included measures to acclimatise to the conditions.

"I deliberation I executed my contention program truly good up until 600m to go," helium continued.

"I conscionable ran retired of steam. It is unfortunate due to the fact that it is the Olympics and you privation to execute connected that day.

"It was decidedly hot. But we had prepared for it coming successful with immoderate vigor and humidity grooming for the past 3 months.

"I thought I was successful a truly bully spot preparing for that.

"But evidently thing wasn't close and we'll reassess that going forward."

The Australian's never-say-die cognition was praised by Aussie fans backmost location connected societal media aft completing the contention successful 19th place.

Remarkably, Tiernan recorded his champion clip of the way and tract play contempt the collapse.

Tiernan is besides gunning for a medal successful the 5,000m, with the heats to instrumentality spot connected Tuesday.

Ethiopia's Selemon Barega was a astonishment victor successful 27:43.22, with satellite grounds holder Joshua Cheptegei from Uganda taking metallic and his countryman Jacob Kiplimo claiming bronze.

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