Ex-Olympic champion 'awake' after horror BMX crash

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Former Olympic champion Connor Fields "is awake and awaiting further aesculapian evaluation" aft crashing successful the BMX Racing lawsuit astatine the Tokyo Olympics, said USA Cycling BMX, citing the squad doctor.

The American rider suffered a melodramatic autumn aboriginal successful the 3rd circular of the men's semi-final aft appearing to tangle with different rival erstwhile taking a corner.

The 28-year-old Fields, who was the golden medal victor astatine Rio 2016 and 1 of the blistery favourites to triumph successful Tokyo, deed the crushed hard and required aesculapian attraction earlier being stretchered into an ambulance.

"We volition stock further updates arsenic they go available," added USA Cycling BMX.


USA's Connor Fields goes down aft a clang during the Men's BMX semi-finals (Getty)

Meanwhile, Niek Kimmann of the Netherlands won his country's archetypal Olympic golden medal successful BMX Racing aft an exhilarating run.

"Since the pandemic deed I've had 1 goal, 1 goal, and that extremity was today," said Kimmann aft the win.

"I inactive don't judge I person it. I'm from the Netherlands. It's a tiny country. But I cognize different friends who person won golden medals, truthful I ever felt similar I was the 1 missing it."

Earlier successful the week, Kimmann's imagination was astir dashed aft a freak collision with an authoritative during training. He suffered a fractured genu but was capable to retrieve successful clip aft resting for overmuch of the week.

"The past weeks I've felt successful the champion signifier ever. Of people determination was a batch of pressure, but I was confident," said the 25-year-ol Kimman.

"And past I deed that authoritative and I felt similar my imagination was over. But luckily with painkillers that imagination was inactive alive. I conscionable kept believing."

Connor Fieldsis stretchered into a ambulance aft crashing during the Men's BMX semi-finals. (Getty)

Following his win, Kimmann sent his champion wishes to Fields.

"I deliberation we each cognize that determination are risks to our sport, but astatine the extremity of the time we conscionable emotion our athletics truthful much," helium added.

"Connor is the defending golden medallist. I haven't seen his clang oregon seen the video, but I conscionable anticipation he's OK.

"I deliberation he's been a large ambassador for the sport, similar I anticipation I tin beryllium arsenic well. It's bittersweet that helium wasn't capable to support his golden medal."

Kye Whyte of Great Britain took silver, portion Carlos Alberto Ramirez of Colombia earned bronze.

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