Kiwi star's amazing Olympics interview explodes

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New Zealand rugby sevens prima Ruby Tui is going viral aft a larger than beingness post-match interrogation astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

Tui was called implicit for a chat by the BBC's Jill Douglas aft the Black Ferns bushed Russia Olympic Committee 36-0 to scope the semi-finals.

It was magic - axenic personality.


Ruby Tui celebrates scoring a effort against Team ROC. (Getty)

"BBC - amended beryllium clear!" Tui began with a beaming, cheeky grin, earlier being asked what she thought of the Russian team. She began by speaking Maori, past gave her thoughts successful English.

"Russia, they are precise chill people, man. We get connected with them, precise beauteous people.

"But connected the field, they are bloody tough. They're a tough, pugnacious squad and to beryllium honest, they weren't astatine the past Olympics truthful this is immense for them. Massive congratulations to Russia, convey you truthful much.

"I don't privation to accidental the people made it look casual but it was not easy. Don't beryllium fooled! That was not an casual game, tons of running. My GPS conscionable blew up, that's however hard it was! tons of respect for Russia."

Tui was besides asked her thoughts connected the Great Britain team, which would usually vie arsenic abstracted unions.

"I emotion however GB travel together, ay," she said.

"They each divided up but past for the Olympics [come together] ... it's comic due to the fact that successful the scrum, they'll astir apt hatred maine saying this, atrocious Abbie [Brown], but erstwhile they spell down, they go, 'England!' Like they're existent arrogant to beryllium England but they can't bash it here, truthful Abbie's gotta go, 'GB!' erstwhile she goes down.

"Everybody comes together. Scotland person got a mates of truly bully players successful there. Welsh, obviously, [Jasmin] Joyce is bloody gas. Gassed a mates of us, even.

"I emotion the full conception of GB and similar I said, immense congratulations to Great Britain and each the radical of that place, due to the fact that they fundraise, they worked hard, they campaigned. I deliberation adjacent a mates of america donated and they ended up astatine the Olympics. So huge, immense mahi ... large job, sorry, mahi means job."

Stacey Fluhler celebrates with Ruby Tui aft scoring a effort against Team ROC. (Getty)

Douglas went to extremity the captivating chat, telling Tui that she'd been told to wrapper things up owed to impending rain.

"What rain? Bring connected the thunder!" Tui said.

"We're astatine the Olympics, conscionable beryllium happy. Let's vie safely and peacefully. Peace and love. Love you guys."

Douglas replied: "We emotion you too, Ruby. Good to spot you."

She past remarked arsenic Tui walked off: "There you go. Ruby. Fantastic."

Tui responded connected Twitter to 1 of aggregate viral clips of the interview, writing: "Thanks ... having a blast present successful Tokyo."

New Zealand volition play Fiji successful the semi-finals connected Saturday, portion Great Britain look France. The medal matches volition beryllium played connected Saturday nighttime astatine Tokyo Stadium.

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