Olympics LIVE: Shocking Biles footage posted

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In a bid of Instagram stories, Simone Biles posted videos of herself struggling with her dismounts connected the uneven bars and answered questions astir having the 'twisties' — the intelligence artifact that tin origin gymnasts to suffer power of their bodies midair.

Biles said her latest bout of the twisties started the greeting aft the preliminary contention successful Tokyo. While she said it has affected her before, it was lone ever during level and vault events, alternatively than bars and beam.

"But this clip it's virtually connected each event. Which sucks… truly bad," she said.

"I don't deliberation you realise however unsafe this is connected hard/competition surface.

"Sometimes I can't adjacent fathom twisting. I earnestly cannot comprehend however to twist.

"Literally tin not archer up from down. It's the craziest feeling ever. Not having an inch of power implicit your body. What's adjacent scarier is since I person nary thought wherever I americium successful the aerial I besides person NO thought however I'm going to land, oregon what I'm going to onshore on. Head/hands/feet/back."

Biles posted 2 videos of herself — which person since been taken down — of her connected the uneven bars, showing her conflict with dismounts.

In the archetypal video, Biles said she was expected to bash 1 and a fractional much twists connected her dismount. Instead, the video shows her landing connected her backmost connected the mat.

A 2nd video shows different dismount, successful which she said she inactive needed to implicit different fractional twist — and she falls to the mat successful evident frustration.

The videos were taken connected Friday greeting during practice, she said.

"It's honestly petrifying trying to bash a accomplishment but not having your caput and assemblage successful sync," she said successful different post. "10/10 bash not recommend."

Biles said getting escaped of the twisties "varies with time" and successful the past they've lasted for astir 2 oregon much weeks.

Biles, who withdrew during the squad last and past pulled retired up of Thursday's all-around final, is inactive scheduled to vie successful the 4 idiosyncratic events of vault, bars, equilibrium beam and level exercise.

Women's vault and bars finals are scheduled for Sunday, the women's level last is Monday, and the beam last is Tuesday.

During her vault during the squad final, Biles said she had "no idea" however she landed connected her feet, "because if you look astatine the pictures and my eyes, you tin spot however confused I americium arsenic to wherever I americium successful the air".

The look connected sprinter Marie-Josée Ta Lou's look said everything. "Wow! Wow!" she screamed, her eyes wide unfastened and her rima agape arsenic she crossed the decorativeness enactment archetypal and looked implicit astatine the clock.

A golden medal? No. But the opening time of way and tract astatine the Olympics definite was a accelerated ride.

Ta Lou and a brace of Jamaicans blazed done their 100m heats connected Friday to denote to the satellite that adjacent with Usain Bolt gone from the sprint scene, there's plentifulness of velocity to spell around.

"I'm successful shock, actually," Ta Lou said aft moving 10.78 to acceptable a vocation champion successful what is shaping up arsenic a accelerated way successful Tokyo. "But I cognize I'm ready."

Reigning satellite champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce ran her vigor successful 10.84 seconds. Her Jamaican rival, defending Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah, finished successful 10.82.

Combined with Ta Lou's run, those were the fifth, sixth and seventh-fastest times of the year. Seven of the 54 sprinters going done Round One deed a idiosyncratic best. Switzerland's nationalist grounds got breached not once, but twice.

"I mean, a batch of sprinters are dominating," Thompson-Herah said.

All that happened adjacent though the tract was missing this season's third-fastest runner, Sha'Carri Richardson, who is backmost location successful the United States pursuing a doping ban. That was a taxable cipher wanted to touch.

"I don't cognize however that's going to assistance close now," Nigerian runner Blessing Okagbare said. "Regardless of who's present and who's not here, we're going to compete."

Five years agone successful Rio de Janeiro, lone 1 runner, Fraser-Pryce, cracked 11 seconds successful the opening round. She went connected to triumph the bronze, down Thompson (who has since gotten married) and American sprinter Tori Bowie.

Fraser-Pryce came successful arsenic the favourite for Saturday's final, which is showing signs of surviving up to the hype. She ran a 10.63 backmost successful June that has immoderate reasoning adjacent Florence Griffith Joyner's satellite grounds of 10.49 seconds, oregon possibly her Olympic grounds of 10.62, could yet beryllium astatine hazard 33 years aft they were set.

"Honestly, I person nary idea," Fraser-Pryce said erstwhile asked astir the marks. "It's super, ace competitive. You privation to marque definite you absorption connected each circular and the things you're expected to do."

There were truthful galore unknowns coming into the Olympics — namely if the year-long delay, the bare stadium oregon the accent of being cooped up successful a edifice country successful the lead-up to the Tokyo Games would wounded the athletes. At slightest 1 radical — the women's sprinters — answered each those questions with an emphatic "no".

Another unknown: Would this beryllium a accelerated track?

"Clearly," said Daryll Neita of Britain, who ran a personal-best 10.96. "It's going to beryllium a precise accelerated championship, let's enactment it that way. It feels amazing."

When Megan Rapinoe stepped up to instrumentality her penalty, she was conscionable trying to enactment arsenic calm arsenic imaginable successful the moment.

"You tin either instrumentality 1 and suffer it, oregon instrumentality 1 and triumph it," she said. "It's going to spell 1 of 2 ways."

This 1 was a winner.

Rapinoe converted the deciding punishment successful a shootout and the United States precocious to the semifinals of the women's Olympic shot tourney 4-2 pursuing a 2-2 gully with the Netherlands connected Friday. They volition play Canada.

US goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher stopped Vivianne Miedema's opening effort successful the shootout and past saved a changeable from Aniek Nouwen earlier Rapinoe enactment her punishment away.

After Rapinoe converted, she turned to her teammates, folded her arms and grinned successful triumph. Afterward, she joked astir the pressure.

"I conscionable effort to enactment calm. I ever accidental to myself, `The worst that's going to hap is you're going to suffer the full thing,'" she smiled.

Australia earned its archetypal travel to the semifinals by beating Britain 4-3 successful other clip successful Kashima. The Matildas volition look Sweden, who bushed big Japan 3-1 successful Saitama.

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