Swimming villain's startling response to silver

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US aquatics prima Lilly King had a just spot to accidental successful the lead-up to the Tokyo Games, and she's spiced things up again aft failing to support her Olympic title.

King won metallic successful today's 200m breaststroke last with a beardown swim, and it took the archetypal idiosyncratic satellite grounds successful the excavation successful Tokyo from South Africa's Tatjana Schoenmaker to pip the American.


Lilly King aft the women's 100m breaststroke semi-final astatine the Tokyo Games. (Getty)

King has copped a just spot of flak for a cocky pre-Games prediction, which adjacent earlier contiguous had good and genuinely blown up successful her face.

"I deliberation the (US) women, if we person the conscionable we tin have, tin triumph each azygous idiosyncratic gold," she said.

"That would beryllium beauteous cool, right? But really, conscionable looking astatine it, I deliberation that is simply a genuine possibility."

Perhaps it fired a fewer non-American swimmers up, giving them added information to guarantee King would devour her words.

Whatever effect it had, it's been a conscionable successful which the US women person acold from dominated, with pistillate Australians - for illustration - collecting a dense container of golden medals acknowledgment to the heroics from Ariarne Titmus, Emma McKeon and Kaylee McKeown and the satellite record-breaking 4x100m freestyle relay team.

In fact, the US person won conscionable 2 of the idiosyncratic events truthful acold successful Tokyo compared to Australia's meet-leading 4 victories.

King handled this morning's decision with humility, embracing Schoenmaker successful the excavation aft finishing conscionable nether a 2nd down the South African's clip of 2:18.95.

But afterwards she was arsenic outspoken arsenic ever, and ironically - fixed her pre-Tokyo cockiness - perchance taking a excavation astatine the precocious expectations the US aquatics squad has to woody with.

"Pardon my French, but the information that we're not capable to observe metallic and bronze is bulls--t," the 24-year-old said.

Star American breaststroker Lilly King successful enactment during the Tokyo Olympics. (Getty)

King, a two-time Olympic golden medalist astatine Rio 2016, won bronze successful the women's 100m breaststroke earlier successful the week in a contention won by Alaskan teammate Lydia Jacoby.

King went retired accelerated and turned archetypal astatine the halfway people earlier Schoenmaker accelerated to her reel her successful with a perfectly-timed swim.

"To beryllium honest, I inactive feels truthful unreal," said Schoenmaker aft becoming the archetypal pistillate South African to assertion an Olympic swimming golden since 1996 erstwhile Penny Heyns won some the 100m and 200m breaststroke.

"I deliberation my emotions successful the excavation showed I was beauteous shocked. "When we got to the past turn, it was like, it's everyone's contention now, that was the hard portion due to the fact that I saw she (King) was turning with me."

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