The Wallabies' Kiwi coach is a quiet guitar hero

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Strumming connected his guitar and starring the Wallabies successful a rendition of 'I Am Australian,' Dave Rennie continues to underline his just dinkum coaching credentials up of the Bledisloe Cup opener connected Saturday.

Stan Sport's latest variation of Rugby Heaven shared the intimate imaginativeness from Wallabies campy arsenic Rennie looks to physique connected the gains made successful the thrilling 2-1 bid triumph implicit France past month.

Wallabies prop Allan Alaalatoa joined the amusement from the team's grooming basal successful Tauranga and said Rennie's show was acold from a cameo.

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The Wallabies sing 'I Am Australian' with manager Dave Rennie lasting astatine the rear connected guitar. (Stan)

"Yeah helium does (regularly get the guitar out)," Alaalatoa said.

"He believes each accidental we tin link disconnected the tract we bash that by a tiny mode of singing songs astatine nighttime erstwhile we person our squad meeting. He's precise skilful connected the guitar, he's got a bully receptor truthful he's capable to prime up immoderate tune wrong minutes.

"The mode that we larn the songs, we usually enactment them up connected the surface and past aft a mates of weeks of learning it, our video expert turns disconnected the surface to spot however galore of the boys cognize the lyrics disconnected by heart."

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Dave Rennie of the Wallabies and Ian Foster of the All Blacks astatine Sky Stadium successful Wellington. (Getty)

Former All Blacks fastener Ross Filipo, who has known Rennie since helium was 14, described his erstwhile Chiefs mentor arsenic "a large singer."

"Very honest, helium loves a laugh, he'll beryllium determination and person a joke," Filipo said.

"He's precise charismatic, he's conscionable a bully bastard, to beryllium honest."

Quade Cooper astatine Wallabies grooming Camp astatine Sanctuary Cove. (Getty)

The buildup to the archetypal Bledisloe Test astatine Eden Park has understandably been overshadowed by the Olympic Games.

But Rennie's callback of Quade Cooper to the Test squad managed to drawback a fewer headlines - arsenic good arsenic the All Blacks' attention.

In a chat with Rugby Heaven's Sean Maloney, halfback Brad Weber admitted it had caught the Kiwis by surprise.

All Blacks halfback Brad Weber chats to Sean Maloney connected Rugby Heaven. (Stan)

"Renz up to his aged tricks, helium astir apt enjoys bringing a batch of those experienced guys backmost to assistance out," Weber said of his erstwhile Chiefs coach.

"They've evidently got a young 10 with Noah (Lolesio) who's played a spot but inactive a young man. He'll evidently assistance and Renz has evidently seen a fewer things that helium likes retired of Quade and wants to bring in.

"You tin ne'er beryllium excessively amazed with aged Renz, I've learnt, implicit the years."

Nerveless Noah does it again

The Wallabies are facing the eventual trial of back-to-back games astatine the All Blacks' Eden Park fortress with the 2nd Test shifted to Auckland connected August 14.

A sellout assemblage is expected - a uncommon dainty successful the pandemic era.

"We're going to request everyone of them determination too, connected Saturday," Weber said.

"That's astir apt the bully happening astir Jacinda (Ardern) locking down the aged borders - we don't fto galore of you guys (Australians) backmost successful to make excessively overmuch enactment truthful it should beryllium heavy connected our side."

SBW's Bledisloe breakdown

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