Verstappen reignites feud with 'disrespectful' Hamilton

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Max Verstappen felt Lewis Hamilton's triumph celebrations astatine the British Grand Prix last play were "really disrespectful" considering helium was successful the infirmary aft being knocked retired of the contention by him.

Although Hamilton did telephone him afterward to speech things through, Verstappen is inactive bitter with the seven-time Formula One champion for the Lap 1 incidental astatine the high-speed Copse corner. Verstappen got clipped by Hamilton's Mercedes and flew disconnected hard into a barrier. He needed precautionary checks.

"One feline is successful infirmary and the different 1 is waving a emblem astir similar thing happened, erstwhile you propulsion a feline into a partition astatine 51G. Not lone that, conscionable the full absorption of the team," Verstappen said Thursday. "That's not however you observe a win, particularly a triumph however they got it, that's what I find truly disrespectful. I would beryllium upset with myself for a determination similar that and I would decidedly not observe similar that."

He took a swipe astatine Mercedes for their exuberance.

"It shows however they truly are, it comes retired aft a pressured situation," Verstappen said. "But I wouldn't privation to beryllium seen similar that ... I could not observe similar that."

Lewis Hamilton draws alongside Max Verstappen moments earlier their British Grand Prix crash. (Sky Sports)

Hamilton did get a 10-second clip punishment but was capable to walk contention person Charles Leclerc's Ferrari adjacent the extremity for a 99th vocation win. He slashed Verstappen's wide pb from 33 points to eight.

"I'm not blessed with what happened determination and to suffer truthful galore points," Verstappen said. "I don't deliberation the punishment was correct. Especially with the velocity we have, we are miles up of Mercedes with the speed. A 10-second punishment doesn't bash anything, truthful that punishment should decidedly person been much severe."

Hamilton defended himself, saying helium was not alert astatine the clip that Verstappen had gone to the hospital.

"It's 1 happening knowing and past celebrating what happened, and there's 1 happening not knowing and celebrating. I said I was not alert (he was successful the hospital)," Hamilton said Thursday. "It's my location Grand Prix ... Emotions were moving high. It was not an intentional solemnisation (against him). I'm not going to fell my emotions."

The rivalry betwixt the 23-year-old Verstappen and the 36-year-old Hamilton pits the finest earthy endowment of caller years against a seasoned chasing a grounds eighth rubric to determination 1 wide of Michael Schumacher.

Like the aged rivalries of the past — betwixt Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, and erstwhile Schumacher battled contenders successful his premier — it is connected a razor's edge.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates arsenic Max Verstappen crashes retired (Getty)

"Wheel-to-wheel racing is ever the best," Hamilton said. "We're present watching 2 teams incredibly adjacent successful performance. The rivalry's not atrocious for the sport, however we prosecute with the fans, if there's much radical watching."

Like those greats, Hamilton won't alteration his racing benignant for anyone's sake.

"In presumption of the move, I would bash it precisely the mode I did," helium said. "My acquisition implicit the years speaks for a lot, I wouldn't alteration it."

On Sunday, Hamilton volition bid for a record-extending ninth triumph wide astatine the Hungaroring and 4th straight.

"I truly emotion it present successful Budapest. This is an aged circuit; they don't marque the tracks similar they utilized to," helium said. "It's a way that works for an assertive operator successful presumption of racing style."

Later Thursday, Hamilton was cleared of immoderate further wrongdoing by the FIA aft it reviewed the incidental astatine the petition of Red Bull.

The governing assemblage took nary further enactment aft proceeding from Red Bull via video conference. New information, including slides and GPS data, was rejected.

The FIA said stewards did not spot "a important and applicable caller constituent which was unavailable to the parties seeking the reappraisal astatine the time."

The FIA besides noted that stewards were acrophobic by "certain allegations made" by Red Bull, portion Mercedes responded strongly.

"We anticipation that this determination volition people the extremity of a concerted effort by the elder absorption of Red Bull Racing to tarnish the bully sanction and sporting integrity of Lewis Hamilton," Mercedes said successful a statement.

In summation to a stack of mislaid points, Red Bull estimated the outgo of the harm astatine $1.8 million.

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